Lifeslide is a superb zen gliding experience.

Everything about this game screams zen, from the title screen music to the moment you start flying a beautifully folded paper airplane. Don’t be fooled by its zen appearance though this game can be unforgiving and challenging at times requiring you to master the game’s simple flight controls. With tight controls and gorgeous scenery Lifeslide keeps up and surpasses other gliding games in the genre.

Taking In The Scenery

Every single level in Lifeslide is full of character and style but can be a little distracting while flying an airplane at high speeds. All stages are brimming with color whether you are traveling through mountainsides or icy tundras. Each area has unique features such as lava that can burn your plane or new mechanics and powerups to change how you approach a section. Each level has some randomization that causes pathing to be slightly different if you retry the level. These pathing changes allow you to learn all the paths within the stage as you are retrying. The flow of each area is also quite pleasant as you seemingly transition in between each one. Lifeslide likes to break up more violent levels with a relaxing one right after to give the player some downtime.

Right On Beat

The music in Lifeslide has a unique blend of a few different genres and matches each song to a level or theme. The songs can range from playing a chill piano tune as you are flying over hillsides to an upbeat electronic piece as you fight through a jungle. The songs set the vibe in each level and do a great job blending in with the gameplay.

Gaining Power

Lifeslide features a few different ways to improve your plane. The first is an upgrade system that lets you spend little blue bits that you collect while soaring around. Upgrades in this improve screen can do a lot from the ability to reduce air friction, help maintain altitude or even increase the number of powerups and gems to collect. It can be hard to tell if these are doing a lot at the start however they add up in time. The second way is to collect plane parts inside levels and unlock brand-new planes with different stats to fit the way you play. Some are fast with low turn speed others are slower with greater control. The powerups you find in each level act as fun tools to gain height or velocity. There are even keys to collect that let you unlock new parts of the map that give a usually more exciting route or a few extra gems to collect.


If you are looking for an arcade gliding/flight game then you should not be missing out on Lifeslide. Lifeslide takes its mobile game to new heights with its release on Steam with good reason to give it a shot on PC. 

Get it on Steam now for $14.99

Played with Xbox Series X Controller On Steam